About Us

About Us
  • Have you ever browsed a collection of Sarees with a strong urge to splurge on a new outfit, but a voice in your head reminds you that you already own a lot of dresses making you feel guilty about spending more?
  • Have you noticed a girl wearing a stunning Lehnga at a wedding and wished you could borrow it from her?
  • Do you have suitcases full of perfectly nice Salwar Kameezes that you've worn a couple times but are now collecting dust in your parents' attic?

These are the thoughts that inspired Our Bazaar. I've always enjoyed trading desi clothes with friends and family members but I knew there was a much larger wardrobe out there. I also knew I had to do something about all the dresses in my closet that I was 'done' wearing but were perfectly fine. Still, I wanted to buy and rock new outfits to each party I got invited to but I didn't want to drop a fortune every time. In short, I wanted to have my cake and eat it too! So I created Our Bazaar with the simple vision of helping myself and other girls reinvent our desi wardrobes without feeling extravagant.

img My name is Artina Sheikh and I am an entrepreneur, primarily employed by my 2 young sons. I previously worked at Google for 5 years, helped found a restaurant in Philadelphia (Zaffron Mediterranean Grill), and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I love technology, traveling, weddings, photography, wedding photography, and of course desi clothes!

I hope my hobbies and previous work experiences lend themselves well to this project, but the truth is I am learning every step of the way and look forward to your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas, complaints, or if you want to  buy or borrow my dresses!