How to Sell or Rent out


Create a free user profile

The more information you provide, the more likely your items are to sell. As a merchant you will need to enter billing details through a secure platform (Braintree/PayPal) so that you can get paid when an item sells.

Prepare items

Dig through your closet and find gently worn items you are ready to share. Take pictures, measurements (optional), and make note of any important details. See our Selling Guidelines for more information on what you can sell.


Post a listing

Post a listing – Decide if the item is for sale, rent, or either and then create a description using our pre-selected options. Upload pictures, set prices using our guide, and voila – you’re ready to sell! Note that Our Bazaar will receive a 20% commission on any transaction (or $10 if the listing price is less than $50) but shipping is on us!

Complete a transaction

When a user buys your item you will receive an instant email notification. You will get a pre-paid shipping label that you can print and attach to the package. You must send the item no later than 5 business days from the order date, but please try to send as soon as possible. If you will not be able to fulfill the order, please notify the buyer as soon as possible through your Orders page. Note that the standard rental period is 2 weeks so if you rent out an item, it will be mailed back to you 2 weeks after the delivery date.


Get paid

Your payment will be held until the buyer receives the item and is satisfied with it. If no claim is submitted within 24 hours of delivery, we will release the payment to you through Braintree/PayPal. There are no other merchant processing fees for you!

Post a review

Share your experience and fill out the survey to rate the buyer. We know you appreciate this type of information before selling so please provide the same for others!

For more details, see our Selling/Renting Out FAQs