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Enter payment information through a secure platform (Braintree/PayPal). There is a 20% commission to Our Bazaar (or $10 if the listing price is less than $50) but shipping is on us! That should take 3-5 business days after the seller sends it out (typically within 1-5 business days of placing an order). If you aren't satisfied with the item you can File a Claim and get a refund. Note that the standard rental period is 2 weeks from delivery date unless the seller agrees on a different length of time using our internal messaging system. Keep the timing in mind as you determine when to rent an item.

Wear and return

Take good care of the item and return in the same condition you received it. You must ship the item out within the 2 week rental period using the pre-paid label we provide. Note the seller can File a Claim if there are any issues with the item and we will determine how to proceed according to our policies.

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For more details, see our Renting FAQs